Winery Agricola Punica

Adress: Santadi - Loc. Barrua - Sardinia - Italy
Country: Italy
Wine district: Sardegna

Agricola Punica is one of the most famous names in the world for the wine production, it is a joint-venture between Mr. Sebastiano Rosa, the wine growers' association of Santadi, the S. Guido Estate, Antonello Pilloni, the President of Santadi and the renowned Tuscan wine expert, Mr. Giacomo Tachis.

Mr. Sebastiano Rosa, wine expert for the S. Guido Estate and the Santadi's cellar, detain the majority share, that is the 40% for each one.
The S. Guido Estate is managed by the Marquis Nicolò Incisa della Rocchetta, who detains the 10%, while Giacomo Tachis and Antonello Pilloni, President of Santadi, detain in equal parts the remaining 10%.

Various are the ties among these personalities. In cooperation with Mario Incisa della Rocchetta and his son, Nicolò, Tachis revealed himself as essential for the development of Sassicaia wine, the resounding "super Tuscan" produced at the S. Guido Estate since 1968.

Tachis continues to cooperate as adviser together to the wine expert Sebastiano Rosa.

During the middle of the 80's, he started to offer his advice for the Association of the Regional Sardinian Wine and then, above all, for the wine growers' association of Santadi.

That was the first time that he began to think to a joint-venture.

Mr. Rosa tells:
“Was really Giacomo Tachis to draw our attention to the Sardinia - Carignano match. He persuaded us to produce a fantastic Carignano wine. In the 2002 we bought a land, as we know very well the potentialities of this land. In fact, we have made our first grape harvest, and we agreed that it will be a rowdy wine”.


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