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Marcel Lanžhotský: Chladné počasí ohrožuje letošní úrodu vína, může negativně ovlivnit celý trh

Jiří Radocha: Lidé jsou zahraničními víny přesyceni, vrací se k českým odrůdám

Hodí se víno k zabijačkovým a masopustním hodům? A jaké?

Sto nejlepších moravských a českých vín pro rok 2013 - Salon vín ČR

Nejlepší víno Salonu vín 2013 je Chardonnay 2011 ze Zámeckého vinařství Bzenec.


Discover the World of Brunello Wine with Marchese Lamberto Frescobaldi

Sushi Nishimura, Tokyo, with Chablis and Assyrtiko to match

The Grapes of Laugh: How to Host a Wine Tasting or Start a Wine Club

Tasting some Japanese wines from the Hokkaido region

The Lourensford Always Rises

Eben Sadie shows his wines and describes his philosophy (with video)

The Lourensford Always Rises


When talk of Lourensford Wine Estate first started hitting the wine scene some 20 years ago, expectations were simply stratospheric. This is a magnificent old farm above Somerset-West, part of WA van der Stel’s spread going back to 1709. And if all the reports and hype were to be believed back then, Lourensford was going […]

‘n Laaste Brief vir Spatz


Ek het verlede jaar hierdie brief vir Spatz geskryf. Deur Stellenbosch Visio. Ek wonder of hy dit gelees het. Rus in Vrede, meneer Legende. Beste mnr Sperling Vir almal is jy Spatz, maar ongelukkig sukkel ek om jou met ’n mossiekuiken te vergelyk, soos wat jou Duitse bynaam beteken. Met jou kenmerkende breërand hoed, kruisbande, […]

Older Beauties Tasted at Amorim Re-corking


There’s been a lot of talk about the recorking of old South African wines currently being undertaken by Joaquim Sá of Amorim Cork, but for me the real revelation was the contents of those bottles. It was, indeed, rivetingly exciting watching Jean Vincent Ridon, a world-leader in cork-extraction, prying open the dust-covered antiquities with surgical-like […]

Two Greats from Lanzerac Plus One Bliksem of a Wine


Being a result of humanity and culture, wine is inextricably linked to the language spoken in the regions where it is made. That is why, as I have stated before, one cannot truly understand the completer depths of the South African wine industry without a basic knowledge of Afrikaans. The lingua franca has of late […]

Kanonkop Breathes Fresh Air into Older Wines with Recorking Service


I was wondering when someone in South Africa was going to do the recorking of older vintages, as the case is in Europe, Australia and America. Kanonkop the first, and not the last. Check out their press-release: In a bid to assist loyal customers to enjoy and keep its premier wines for longer, Kanonkop Wine […]

Cape Town, Wine Town…..and we Like It


Cape Town might be synonymous with the growing of wine grapes and drinking of the fermented juice since 1659, but the city had to wait until this year to get its own demarcated wine district. In May the South African wine authorities accepted a proposal from the wine areas of Constantia and Durbanville, both a […]

Morgenster’s Genius on the Schapenberg


There are two sides to the glorious classical wine estate that is Morgenster, and I am heading for the wilder side. Corius Visser, farm manager, shifts the bakkie into four-wheel drive and heads up into the hillside of Schapenberg, the famous vineyard-growing region on the Somerset-West side of Stellenbosch wine country. This is rugged, steep […]

Superior Stellenbosch Palates See UCT Bite the Dust in Backsberg Vino Varsity


The ninth Backsberg Vino Varsity inter-university wine challenge saw Stellenbosch take the laurels due to their near-perfect execution of the basics. Superior wine knowledge and breath-taking tasting skills had the Stellenbosch Wine Culture Society beat the UCT Wine Society into second place, while University of Pretoria struggled to keep up with the pace, ending third. […]

Bruwer Raats Gives a New Take on Old Vines


Daring to question the praising of old vineyards places one in the same category as those supporting rhino poaching, the clubbing of baby seals and the banning of anything sounding like Leonard Cohen. South Africa has an enthusiastic Support the Old Vines lobby. With the zeal an anti-foie gras activist would be proud of, these […]

Grace Jets-in to Cool things Down


Grace Mugabe, wife of Zimbabwean President Robert, did not flee South Africa to avoid facing the music. This for her apparent assault on a virginal young model who was reciting psalms from the St John’s Bible with the charming two Mugabe sons. No, the First Lady Grace had to get back to Harare to attend […]

Going Dutch with South African Wine


Strong historical and cultural links remain the main reason for the Netherlands being the third largest market for South African wines. René van Hoven, a Dutch wine retailer and consultant who is one of the 22 foreign judges for the Michelangelo International Wine Awards being adjudicated this week in Stellenbosch. “As a former Dutch colony, […]

Steak to my Heart


Like football teams, fishing reels and expletives, every man has his favourite steak-house. One eatery where the smell is that of animal flesh being expertly grilled, the atmosphere unfettered by any sign of gastronomical pontification or superiority and where the knowledge prevails that what you are going to eat is bloody, meaty and good. The […]

Touriga Naçional Plays Douro Valley’s Trump Card


Worlds apart, the wine businesses of Portugal and South Africa share one overriding similarity. And that is the search for global recognition as a big league player. Port and Vinho Verde are pretty much the answers one gets when asking as to what Portugal does best, wine-wise. And although nobody does do Port or that […]

Eating Porto, Downtown


You’re an uptown guy, but today we head downtown. Here in Porto, capital of northern Portugal where there is a cathedral on every corner and a dream beckoning in each glistening inch of the Douro River. You head downtown, away from the river. Gone from the tourist-spots. It is summer, and there are hundreds of […]

Time to Loosen-up the Wine Borders


Going through the reading matter about Cape Town’s new wine district, I was surprised at how relatively simple it all sounded. Producers from Constantia and Durbanville get an idea. Apply to the Wine and Spirits Board’s Demarcation Committee to check out the possibility of creating a district based on the regional, geographic similarities between Constantia […]

Brandy, a South African Art Form


The great estate brandies from South Africa don’t have it easy in the market. There’s this thing called Cognac, see, a category that seduces consumers with brands like Remy Martin, Courvoiseur and Hennessy. Besides the evocative names and the charming French origins, aforementioned brands as well as many others, have stratospheric marketing spend with which […]

Jeanri Taking it to the International Tasting Stage


Jeanri-Tine van Zyl, wine writer, communications expert and taster supreme will be in the team of four palates representing Team South Africa at the International Blind Wine Tasting Championships in Burgundy in September. What does it take to get there? WineGoggle investigated….  Is the skill of wine-tasting hereditary? Your father is a skilled sipper and […]

The Day Mrs English Saved my Life


A Bordeaux-based psychologist and wine-lover, Maxine Engel, once wrote-up research showing that most male French wine critics had a greater fear of losing their senses of taste and smell than they did of erectile dysfunction. Well as they say in the classics, priorities aren’t what they used to be. But I do confess to having […]

When the Going Gets Graff, You’ve Arrived


I had just began smelling the contents of the glasses before me, when the CEO himself took-over. The venue was Delaire Graff, that most magnificent wine estate at the top of Banghoek with views from where, on any kind of day, you can see forever. And Johann Laubser, responsible for running all aspects of this […]

The Worst Italian Restaurant in South Africa


The real-estate adage of Location, Location and Location does not apply to restaurants. Was the offering presented by Blanko, an eatery situated in the splendid environment of the Alphen Boutique Hotel on the rural outskirts of Constantia, comparable to its site I would still be drifting on an orgasmic cloud of culinary-induced ecstasy. This is, […]

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