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Nejlepší víno Salonu vín 2013 je Chardonnay 2011 ze Zámeckého vinařství Bzenec.


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Time for Super Pinotages has Come


Quietly, the new category of Super Pinotages is causing a ripple through the incoming tide of things offered by Brand South Africa. Not everyone – present company excluded – is convinced that Pinotage can bear the torch as the nation’s grape: that sought-after focused ray of light, in clarity unmatched by any wine country, that […]

All Producers Need to Get Behind Wine Tourism


Tourism remains the wine industry’s brightest star. This is where South Africa has showed tangible growth and added value. Those who have experienced tourist offerings in the winelands over the past two decades can attest to this: a while back a wine-tasting tourist was lucky to be offered a Cream Cracker to accompany a pouring […]

Springfield’s World of Time and Rock


Robertson Wine Region supremo Danie de Wet calls him the Salvador Dali of winemakers, but Abrie Bruwer is not that weird. The proprietor and cellar-master of Springfield Estate, just down the road from Danie, is one of those enigmatic silent forces found lurking about the silent depths of the South African wine industry. Abrie’s idea […]

A New Path to Superb Old Wine


I never miss an Amorim Recorking gig. Not that I want to indulge in the delicate opening of rare vintage wines with crumbly corks that need to be extricated with the skill of a brain surgeon and the patience of space-shuttle pilot in landing mode. But whenever the Amorim team sets-off to put new corks […]

State of SA Wine Industry Hits a New Gear


No other agriculture body gives such a good Information Day as VinPro. And I’ve been to some – from ostriches to rooibos tea, farmed salmon to prickly pears. This year the South African wine industry’s official voice and representing body once again packed the Cape Town Convention Centre to the rafters, some of the 1 […]

Seven Restaurant No-No’s for 2018


Dining out on a regular basis hones the senses to the joys and travails of restaurant visitations. With the good, there is the not so good, a list of Seven I could do without. Let’s go: 1. Saucy skid-marks on plates: Obviously a result of chefs wishing to capitalise on the instagram-era or deployed by […]

Kleine Zalze and the Sweet-spot


It has now been ten-and-something years since the wines of Stellenbosch property Kleine Zalze first passed my parched lips, and to this day I still have to find a wine under this label that fails to hit the spot. Starting at the entry level Cellar Selection range, made from grapes sourced from around the Coastal […]

Chicken’s Gotta Go to Roast&Co


Chicken is the number one source of protein for those of South African descent, and I’ll fly by that. Having recently become a member of Dias Tavern’s exclusive 150 Club, an honour bestowed upon those who have consumed a century-and-a-half of the Tavern’s legendary peri-peri chickens, I have taken the modest liberty of calling myself […]

Let’s Do South African Wine in 2018


1. Bulk Wine Time Bomb Despite the concerns at the low return on investment confronting wine producers, South Africa is seemingly making no attempt to turn back the tide on bulk exports. Bulk wine dominates our export profile, currently clocking 271m litres a year compared to the 175m litres of packaged wine being shipped. Result: […]

South African Wine Highlights of 2017


‘Tis the season to be Jolly for South African wine. 1.      Abrie Beeslaar from Kanonkop was named International Winemaker of the Year at the IWSC in London – for the third time. Not only does this confirm Abrie’s undeniable talents as a great winemaker, but also recognises the world-class status of South Africa’s wines, and […]

A Taste of Three Worlds in Aristea Wines


In vino veritas, and the truth is that South Africa is a grand and sought-after wine country. From all corners of the globe, individuals and corporates with a shared love of wine and the wine business are jetting in to the winelands to get a stake of the action. They see potential, they goofy-foot an […]

Carina Gous: 1st Lady of South African Wine


The seat is warmish, but not unfamiliar. Carina Gous, newly appointed chairperson of Wines of South Africa (Wosa) has spent the past two decades at the coalface of the South African wine industry. As Distell’s resident head of marketing strategy and brand management she lead the company’s wine portfolio with distinction, as well as becoming […]

A Lobster and a Glass of Wine


’Tis the season to be jolly, especially now that one is again allowed to pursue, catch and kill that most delicious creature known as the crayfish. Some also call it the West Coast Rock Lobster, while we locals prefer the Afrikaans name “kreef”. Or for the scientific types, Jasus Lalandii The crayfish season opened last […]

News from the Southern Vines


The world of wine is filled with the kind of ubiquitous terminology designed to confuse a disciple of logical thinking, as well as enough fads, fashions and trends to make a Vogue editor return to pig-tails, tie-died shirts and crimpelene jackets. Like mindfulness or karma, “organic” is one of the words that everyone thinks they […]

Tokara Just Goes Higher and Higher


The rains eventually came at the end of another dry Cape winter, and it was a fine day to be on the top of the world. Since talk of the wine farm that business tycoon GT Ferreira was planning began doing the rounds in Stellenbosch during the 1990’s, there was a lot of speculation and […]

On the Same “Pages” with Schalk Burger


One of the most energetic wine-tasting experiences, for me, is a visit to Welbedacht in Wellington, home to one Schalk Burger and family, as well as a range of wines individual in style portraying an exciting uniqueness and true taste-of-place. And then, of course there is Schalk senior himself, one of the industry’s great conversationalists […]

Swartland Organic Org de Rac Showing its Class


I first met Frank Meaker in one of the coldest winters Paris has ever experienced. It was 1985, the weather so cold that the Five Nations rugby match between France and Scotland, which had drawn us to meet up in the City of Light, was cancelled as the Parc des Princes’s turf had frozen solid, […]

Drawing the Boerewors Curtain Reveals Fine Fare


The Gauteng propagandists constantly claiming the superiority of Johannesburg and Pretoria in wine -buying terms were dealt a bloody nose recently. A consumer survey commissioned by Caxton Media showed that the region with the highest per capita consumption of wine by value happens to be Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs. That is Durbanville, Bellville, Tygerberg and […]

Pinotages Deserving their Top Dollar


The one thing I dread about attending any formal wine industry discussion is that corny cliché of “South African wines are too cheap” and producers must therefore simply go ahead and raise their prices. Just like those who encourage the eradication of “boring commercial” grape varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon […]

What a Difference a Dias Makes


Besides both having their respective important uses, Dias Tavern is like a prostate gland: you have to check-up on it regularly. Dias sees me about twice a week, and after a recent clock-in, the decision was made to place this eatery under a bit of media scrutiny. The occasion was a belated birthday celebration for […]

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