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Marcel Lanžhotský: Chladné počasí ohrožuje letošní úrodu vína, může negativně ovlivnit celý trh

Jiří Radocha: Lidé jsou zahraničními víny přesyceni, vrací se k českým odrůdám

Hodí se víno k zabijačkovým a masopustním hodům? A jaké?

Sto nejlepších moravských a českých vín pro rok 2013 - Salon vín ČR

Nejlepší víno Salonu vín 2013 je Chardonnay 2011 ze Zámeckého vinařství Bzenec.


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Restaurant reviews: Hide, London

Restaurant reviews: Hide, London

Jamie Goode's wine blog

Hide is the hot new London opening of 2018. I’m not so good at catching new openings – I’m hardly in the country – but the Monday before last I ate there for the first time, curious to see what all the fuss is about. Here’s my brief review. It’s owned by Yevgeny Chichvarkin, who is [...]

Matassa, revisiting the debut vintage

Jamie Goode's wine blog

I found a bottle of Matassa’s first release kicking around. I bought a six-pack from Sam Harrop when it was first released (£15 a bottle then) and tucked it away. This was the 2002 vintage, and just 1800 bottles were made. I think, if I recall correctly, that this was from a single old Carignan [...]

Video: the Finger Lakes Wine Region

Jamie Goode's wine blog

I’m just back from a trip visiting the wine regions of New York State. Here’s a short film giving you an idea of what the Finger Lakes, the largest of the wine regions here, looks like. Over the next week or so I’ll be writing up the visits in full detail, explaining a bit about the [...]

In Niagara, Canada: Stratus

Jamie Goode's wine blog

I’ve been to Stratus a couple of times now. It’s such a distinctive winery, with a very modern design. This isn’t surprising: it was established by David Feldberg, president and CEO of the Teknion furniture business, and whose father Saul was the founder of the Global Furniture Corporation. Stratus’ impressive winery relies on gravity flow and [...]

On jealousy

Jamie Goode's wine blog

Jealousy is one of the ugliest of emotions. A quote, popularly attributed to Gore Vidal, reads thus: ‘It is not enough to succeed; others must fail.’ That sort of professional jealousy, common in the media, isn’t very nice. It raises its head at award ceremonies, and when one of your colleagues releases a new, positively [...]

A lovely Pet Nat from Vermont: Iapetus Tectonic

Jamie Goode's wine blog

I met Ethan Joseph of Iapetus Wine in Nova Scotia last year, and recently again with Nathan Kendall in the Finger Lakes. He gave me a bottle of his Pet Nat, made with hybrid grape La Crescent, fermented on skins. This shows lovely character and personality. Ethan is winemaker at Shelburne Vineyard in Vermont, which [...]

Some impressive wines from Frankland Estate, Western Australia

Jamie Goode's wine blog

I enjoyed revisiting these wines from Frankland Estate, and the current releases are really impressive. Head 250 km east of the Margaret River wine region in Western Australia, and you’ll hit the remote Frankland River region. With the coast quite a distance south, this is a cool climate wine region. Frankland Estate was established here [...]

Les Tourelles de Longueville 2013 Pauillac, tasted on camera

Jamie Goode's wine blog

How does a second wine from a vintage widely regarded to be the worst of the decade shape up? I taste the Tourelles 2013 and discuss this question. And should wines be rated relative to their peer group, or should reviewers attempt, as best as they can, to give an absolute score across all styles [...]

Restaurants: The River Café, London

Jamie Goode's wine blog

On the hottest day of the year, my first visit to the River Café. I know: it’s almost inexcusable not to have been before. This is a London institution. Originally opened in 1987, it’s located by the river in Hammersmith, and on a hot day the dappled sunlight of the outdoor seating area is just [...]

In Marlborough, where big can be good: Rapaura Springs

Jamie Goode's wine blog

Rapaura Springs is a somewhat surprising rising star in the Marlborough wine scene. They are owned by the Naylon family, and I tasted with Brendan Naylon and Sam Harrop who is a consultant here, helping out with winemaking and marketing. Matt Thomson is also involved on the winemaking side. Rapaura Springs stems from the Spring Creek [...]

Could we smell better? Much better?

Jamie Goode's wine blog

Do we have only very limited access to the sensory information that we are receiving all the time? As a wine taster, I’m particularly intrigued that my senses are capable of detecting a lot more in wine than my conscious perceptions are alerting me to. Here’s a case study that does seem to suggest this. In [...]

In Niagara, Canada: Rosewood

Jamie Goode's wine blog

Ryan Corrigan and William Roman, Rosewood Rosewood is a family run business. The vineyards were planted in 2003, the first harvest was 2006 and the doors opened in 2008. I visited with GM William Roman, and winemaker Ryan Corrigan. This visit was one of the big surprises of my Niagara trip, because quietly, since Ryan [...]

Caballo Loco No 1 – a piece of modern Chilean history

Jamie Goode's wine blog

If you buy lots of wine, then it’s common to overlook bottles, only to encounter them in some nook or cranny of the cellar and think, ‘I should have drunk this sooner.’ Then you go into denial, and because you don’t expect the bottle to be any good, you leave it there neglected. Then you [...]

In Niagara: 13th Street

Jamie Goode's wine blog

JP Colas, winemaker, 13th Street 13th Street winery celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2018. It was started in 1998 by four friends who were amateur winemakers, two of whom were grape growers. After a decade, they sold to the current owners: John and June Mann, and Doug and Karen Whitty. Both of these couples are [...]

Separating out the wine and the experience of the wine

Jamie Goode's wine blog

There is the wine, and there is the experience of the wine. As writers and critics, when we assess wine, we try to do something unusual. We separate the two, and we try to assess the wine independently of all the things that go on around the wine, and for most people help create the experience [...]

New releases from Frank Cornelissen: single-vineyard Etna wines

Jamie Goode's wine blog

Frank Cornelissen Frank Cornelissen was in town showing off his new wines. It’s a series of single-vineyard wines from his 25 hectares and 19 plots on Mount Etna. ‘It’s the focus of my work,’ he says, ‘but less than 10% of my production.’ He’s held off making these wines before, because his winemaking wasn’t good [...]

Some nice high-end rosés

Jamie Goode's wine blog

Had these nice high-end rosés yesterday afternoon, with friends. Triennes Rosé 2017 Provence, France Pure delicate and aromatic – very bright with tangerine and lemon and red currant. So fresh. 90/100 Francois Cotat Sancerre Rosé Chavignol 2014 Loire, France Edgy and reductive. Spicy and detailed with a sappy edge. Cherries and minerals. So good. 92/100 Pierre-Yves Colin Morey Rosé de [...]

Gusbourne Brut 2014, one of England’s finest

Jamie Goode's wine blog

This is the latest release of the Brut Reserve from Gusbourne, one of the UK’s top sparkling wine producers. 2014 saw an early budburst with good weather through to the end of June. This is always the critical bit of the vintage in the UK because good flowering means good yields, and in this year [...]

We like the smell of geosmin in the air, but not in our wine

Jamie Goode's wine blog

There’s a really interesting article on the BBC News site discussing why rain smells so good. The smell of rain hitting the ground releases a smell that has been dubbed ‘petrichor’. It was named by Australian researchers in the 1960s, and the smell is produced by bacteria in the earth. But here’s the twist that will interest [...]

In Niagara, Canada: Leaning Post

Jamie Goode's wine blog

Ilya Senchuk, Leaning Post Ilya Senchuk has been making wines in Niagara for a while now. He started off with Daniel Lencko, then went to Foreign Affairs, and then started his own virtual winery, Leaning Post, specializing in making wines from interesting vineyards across the region. Seven years ago he and his wife Nadia purchased [...]

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