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Marcel Lanžhotský: Chladné počasí ohrožuje letošní úrodu vína, může negativně ovlivnit celý trh

Jiří Radocha: Lidé jsou zahraničními víny přesyceni, vrací se k českým odrůdám

Hodí se víno k zabijačkovým a masopustním hodům? A jaké?

Sto nejlepších moravských a českých vín pro rok 2013 - Salon vín ČR

Nejlepší víno Salonu vín 2013 je Chardonnay 2011 ze Zámeckého vinařství Bzenec.


Best LCBO Wine Reviews: Vintages Ratings April 28

Quinta do Montalto, a Lisboa producer experimenting with amphorae and medieval wine

Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 2007

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Lovely wines with Daniel and Eric at 67 Pall Mall

The Changing Face of Wine in America: The Cooper’s Hawk Phenomenon

The Wine Economist

As I noted last week, wine is everywhere in America, or nearly so, and while it is common knowledge that the U.S. is the world’s largest wine market and that wine is produced in all 50 states, the diversity of the wine experience here sometimes comes as a surprise. Case in point … What if […]

Scratching the Surface of Wine in America

The Wine Economist

I was busy this winter speaking at national and regional wine industry gatherings here in the United States: the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in Sacramento (the western hemisphere’s largest wine industry meeting) and smaller but equally ambitious wine business meetings in Colorado, Idaho, and Washington State. It’s been inspiring to meet so many hard-working […]

Review of “Our Blood is Wine”: A Film about Georgia Qvevri Wine

The Wine Economist

  Our Blood is Wine, directed by Emily Railsback, released by Music Box Films, 2018. Available as video-on-demand via iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc. Our Blood is Wine is a fascinating look at traditional wine-making in Georgia (the republic, not the U.S. state) and how it survived the traumatic Soviet era to be widely celebrated today as […]

Războaiele Vinului: Romanian Wine Wars

The Wine Economist

Romania has a long wine history and a more significant contemporary wine market presence than many observers appreciate. Its fine wines seem to fly under the radar here in the United States. Romania produces more wine than New Zealand, according to OIV statistics. So why are Kiwi wines much  better known on the international scene? Strategy […]

Book Review: Intriguing Variations on a Wine Globalization Theme

The Wine Economist

Wine Globalization: A New Comparative History edited by Kym Anderson and Vicente Pinilla, Cambridge University Press, 2018. (See also The World’s Wine Markets: Globalization at Work edited by Kym Anderson, Edward Elgar, 2004.) The fact that wine is such a global business was one of factors that motivated me to study it seriously in the first place. […]

Book Review: James Conaway on the Napa Valley Wine Wars

The Wine Economist

James Conaway, Napa at Last Light: America’s Eden in an Age of Calamity (Simon & Schuster, March 2018). Hegel wrote that the Owl of Minerva only takes flight at dusk, suggesting that wisdom (the owl) finally awakes when the day is nearly done and the opportunity to benefit from insight has almost passed. It is […]

Beyond Wine Boom & Bust: Taking a Closer Look at the SVB Report

The Wine Economist

Silicon Valley Bank recently released their 2018 State of the Industry report on the U.S. wine market and if you haven’t read it you should. It is well researched, written, and argued. Most important, it will challenge your ideas about the U.S. wine industry and make you think. Most of the media reaction to the report […]

David Ricardo to Donald Trump: Global Wine Trade and Its Discontents

The Wine Economist

When David Ricardo wanted to make the logic of his famous Theory of Comparative Advantage crystal clear he knew what example to choose: wine. It was obvious that Britain should import wine from Portugal in exchange for cloth rather than trying for vinous self-sufficiency. Any fool could see that! Make Great Britain Great? But wine […]

Wine Business 101: Exploring America’s Largest Wine Industry Trade Show

The Wine Economist

Contributing editor Sue Veseth is fascinated by wine industry trade shows. She recently attended the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium trade show in Sacramento, California. Here is her report. >>><<< Making wine is not very stuff-intensive, right? Some grapes, a vessel for fermentation, maybe a couple of barrels, some bottles or jugs, closures — voilà! […]

Wine Tourism Grows Up: A Visit to Washington’s Chateau Ste Michelle

The Wine Economist

I am in Kennewick, Washington today and tomorrow to speak at the Washington Winegrowers Association 2018 Convention & Trade Show.  Tomorrow I’ll share some thoughts about wine premiumization in the “State of the Industry” session, but today’s focus is wine tourism. I’ll give a global perspective on wine tourism as part of a program on  “The Business […]

Wine Tourism Challenge: Giving City Visitors a Taste of the Wine Country

The Wine Economist

The most famous explanation of international trade is David Ricardo’s Theory of Comparative Advantage. England can make both cloth and wine and so can Portugal, but they will both gain if England specializes in cloth and trades it for Portuguese wines on the basis of each country’s relative efficiency of production. Divine Will? There are […]

Around the World in Eighty Wines Wins Gourmand International Wine Book Prize

The Wine Economist

My new book Around the World in Eighty Wines has received the Gourmand International 2018 award for best U.S. book in the wine and spirits tourism category and will now compete for “Best in the World” with winners from other countries. The global gold, silver, and bronze medals will be announced this May at award […]

Trickle Up Wine Economics and the Big Wine Market Squeeze of 2018

The Wine Economist

You’ve probably heard of “trickle down” economics. It’s the theory that if you give money to the rich it ends up benefiting those who are not so rich as the wealthy spend or invest their money and create incomes and jobs for others. Trickle Up and Down Trickle down economics is controversial. Not because it […]

Mother Nature Strikes Back: The Big Wine Market Squeeze of 2018

The Wine Economist

I’m busy getting ready for the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, which takes place in Sacramento later this month. It is the biggest wine industry meeting and trade show in North America, with over 14,000 attendees expected for the event’s three-day run from January 23 to 25. Sacramento Dreaming There’s a lot to see and […]

Wine Economist World Tour 2018 Update

The Wine Economist

Happy New Year to all. The Wine Economist World Tour is back on the road in 2018. I’m looking forward to speaking at regional wine industry meetings in Washington, Idaho, and Colorado, plus the big national meeting in Sacramento. Here are World Tour stops for January and February 2018. January 2018 The World Tour comes […]

Field Notes from a Visit to Madeira: The Island Where Old Barrels Go to be Reborn

The Wine Economist

Madeira is a Portuguese island off the coast of Morocco, a short 80 minute flight from Lisbon. When it was discovered in 1419 it was uninhabited, but now a quarter-million residents plus hundreds of thousands of tourists fill the island. Madeira is famous for soccer (the Funchal airport is named for native son and Real […]

The Wine Economist Guide to 2017 Wine Books to Give and to Read Yourself, Too

The Wine Economist

The holidays are a great time to give someone you know a book and an even better time to sit down (with a glass of wine) and read one yourself. Wine books are especially welcome this time of year because, well, they are wine books, so how can they not be interesting and fun? Here […]

New Wine Books: Lewin’s Intelligent Guides, Caro Feely’s Half-Full Glass

The Wine Economist

Herewith brief reviews of a series of regional wine guides by Benjamin Lewin MW and the newest volume in Caro Feely’s series on her family’s wine and vineyard experiences in France. Not Your Usual Wine Guide Benjamin Lewin MW, Guides to Wines & Top Vineyards Series. Vendage Press, various dates. Benjamin Lewin travels the world […]

Around the World in Eighty Wines visits Natalie MacLean on Facebook Live

The Wine Economist

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting with Natalie MacLean, editor of Canada’s largest wine review site, on her “Sunday Sipper Club” Facebook Live program. Here’s a link to the program website, which includes both the video replay and some of the many comments from Natalie’s engaged, informed, and very enthusiastic viewers. https://www.nataliemaclean.com/blog/mike-veseth-wine-economist-around-the-world-in-80-wines/ As you […]

What’s Ahead for Wine Tourism in Mendoza? Lessons from a Rock Opera

The Wine Economist

The United Nations World Tourism Organization’s global wine tourism conference in Mendoza, Argentina was full of contrasts as you might expect in a high desert region that is punctuated by isolated vine-filled green oases.  The morning sessions featured conventional conference formats — speakers, panels, Powerpoint slides, dark rooms, coffee breaks (and really good simultaneous translation […]

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