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jamie goode's wine blog: Oregon Pinot Noir: tasting 11 top examples blind
For the last few days I’ve been at the Southern Pinot Noir workshop at Hamner Springs. It’s an event that brings together winemakers from across New Zealand to taste and discuss each others’ wines. Everyone brings their wines, and then in groups of eight the wines are tasted blind. The discussion that follows is then [...]

jamie goode's wine blog: Adding appellations: developing new GIs and why conjunctive labelling is important
I’ve been involved in quite a few discussions of late about developing new appellations (technically, geographic indications [GIs]) in new world countries, particularly New Zealand. Currently, New Zealand only has regional GIs: Marlborough, Central Otago, Hawke’s Bay and so on. Within each of these regions there are unofficial sub-regions, but these are not officially defined. So [...]

Natalie MacLean: Best LCBO Wine Reviews: Vintages Ratings January 20
You can access the 103 wines that I reviewed for as a text wine list with my complete tasting notes, scores, food matches. You can also see my wine reviews for December 9. If you are a Paid Member, you can add my wine picks to your custom shopping list with one click and access that list on your smartphone to find the stock for each wine in your closest LCBO store. These are just some of the benefits of supporting out wine community as a Paid Member. Inventory stock numbers are usually posted online a day or two before […]

jamie goode's wine blog: Ata Rangi McCrone Pinot Noir 2006
Ata Rangi is rightly considered to be one of New Zealand’s top Pinot Noir producers. This is a special cuvée that they make from a small portion of the vineyard behind the winery, and the special feature of this plot is that there’s 800 mm of clay above the gravels. This is the debut vintage [...]

Natalie MacLean: Facebook Live + Vine Oscars: Wine-Loving Sunday Sippers Snacks
This Facebook Live Video Wine Tasting above, we chat about Oscar-worthy wines to drink while watching this year’s Academy Awards.. You can click on the arrow above to play the video. We were joined by guest winemaker, Helen Morrison of Villa Maria to help us get ready for the big show. You’ll find our most recent live video wine tasting here: We taste every Sunday evening at 6 pm eastern so add us to your calendar and grab a glass of wine. Click on the buttons for “Share” and “Like” on the page above to get notified when we […]

Natalie MacLean: How Do You Become a Master Sommelier: Video with Elyse Lambert MS
 You won’t want to miss our live video chat with Elyse Lambert, Canada’s Top Master Sommelier! Join us Sunday, January 21 at 6 pm EST right here (click on this link below): Click on the “Follow” and “Like” buttons on this Facebook page to get notified when we go live. Listen to Elyse’s stories about her journey becoming a Master Sommelier. Watch previous episodes of the Sunday Sipper Club (SSC) and find out who’s coming up next.   Elyse Lambert, MS Following a training in hotel management from the Quebec Tourism and Hotel Institute (1998) and a certificate […]

jamie goode's wine blog: Interesting Marlborough: Corofin, with Mike Paterson
Mike Paterson, Corofin, in the Settlement Vineyard Mike Paterson used to be the winemaker at Jackson Estate, but now he’s making his own wines, along with his wife Anna, under the Corofin label. The idea behind Corofin is to make Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from privileged vineyards in the Southern Valleys of Marlborough, and to [...]

The Wine Economist: Trickle Up Wine Economics and the Big Wine Market Squeeze of 2018Trickle Up Wine Economics and the Big Wine Market Squeeze of 2018
You’ve probably heard of “trickle down” economics. It’s the theory that if you give money to the rich it ends up benefiting those who are not so rich as the wealthy spend or invest their money and create incomes and jobs for others. Trickle Up and Down Trickle down economics is controversial. Not because it […]

jamie goode's wine blog: Interesting Marlborough: the Pioneer Block wines from Saint Clair
Back in 1978, in the early days of Marlborough, Neal and Judy Ibbotson planted grapes, and began supplying Montana. Fast forward 16 years and they decided to launch their own winery, Saint Clair, which they began in 1994. The enlisted Matt Thomson to help with winemaking, and he remained consultant winemaker until last year. Saint Clair [...]

jamie goode's wine blog: The Pétrus-beating Ravanes Les Gravières du Taurou 2000, at age 17
There’s a story behind this wine, and it’s quite a fun one. I tasted it first blind, back in 2004. This was a blind tasting comparing the best of Languedoc-Roussillon with benchmark wines, and it was really interesting. I gave this a very good score then, so it was nice to revisit it at age [...]

Natalie MacLean: Live Video Wine and Food Tasting: January 24
  Join me for a live food and wine tasting on Wednesday, January 24 at 6 p.m. eastern. I’ll share with you three of my favourite pairings that may surprise you. Taste along with me to see if you agree. We’ll have an online poll at the end when you can vote for your top combo. This tasting will be hosted on Zoom, a video tool similar to Skype, but easier to use. Just login here on January 24: If you’ve not used Zoom Zoom before, you’ll be prompted to download the application. I’ll be there early to get […]

jamie goode's wine blog: Pink bubbles: Cloudy Bay and Gentle Folk
Two bottles of pink fizz that went down well. The Cloudy Bay was a real surprise: encountered on a couple of occasions and really delicious. Gentle Folk ‘Pink Fizz’ Pinot Noir Chardonnay Pet Nat 2016 Adelaide Hills. Australia Powerful and funky. Cloudy pale pink with tangy apple, cherry and raspberry, and some spicy phenolic notes. There’s some [...]

winegoggle: Seven Restaurant No-No’s for 2018
Dining out on a regular basis hones the senses to the joys and travails of restaurant visitations. With the good, there is the not so good, a list of Seven I could do without. Let’s go: 1. Saucy skid-marks on plates: Obviously a result of chefs wishing to capitalise on the instagram-era or deployed by […]

Natalie MacLean: Importing Wine for Pleasure and Profit (Video)
 Have you ever enjoyed a wine when you were traveling abroad say in Tuscany or Bordeaux, and wondered, how can I import a case of this when I get back home, especially when it’s not in the liquor store? And beyond importing wine for pleasure, what about for profit, whether it’s to save money on your purchases or to get into the business of being a wine importer? That’s exactly what we’re going to learn from our guest tonight, Charles Steven Trenholme. Steven Trenholme has been hosting the seminar Importing for Wine, Beer & Spirits For Pleasure & Profit, […]

jamie goode's wine blog: Are anti-cork sentiments softening in New Zealand and Australia?
One thing I’m noticing in Australia and New Zealand of late: the growing number of producers using cork for high-end bottlings. This would have been unthinkable five years ago, such was the strength of the reaction against cork, with its problems of variability and taint. Since 2000 in Australia and 2001 in New Zealand, there has [...]

Cellarius BudečskáCellarius Budečská
MALBEC DAY Letos v dubnu oslavíme již po čtvrté mezinárodní den Malbecu. A jak také jinak než-li zajímavou degustací krásných vín této odrůdy. Při této příležitosti si Vám dovolujeme nabídnout možnost získat zdarma vstupenku na mimořádnou akci pouze pro zvané pořádanou pod záštitou argentinského velvyslanectví. Velká degustace Malbeců se uskuteční již 3.4.2014 v gurmánském paláci Julius Meinl. Podmínkou pro získání pozvánky na tuto akci je nákup argentinských vín (nejlépe malbeců) z našeho portfolia v celkové hodnotě 3000 Kč dle podmínek našeho e-shopu. A máme opravdu co nabídnout. Vybírat můžete z široké nabídky těchto argentinských vinařství: Alfredo Roca Las Moras Bodega Weinert Las Perdices Do objednávky prosím napište poznámku "Vstupenka na Malbec Day" a adresu pro její doručení. Případně Vám bude doručena spolu s víny. Zájemci neváhejte, počet vstupenek je omezen...

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