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jamie goode's wine blog: Why the International Wine Challenge judging process is so rigorous: the co-chairs explain
So the two-week judging process of the International Wine Challenge (IWC) has finished. It has been hard work, but great fun, with a real sense of joint enterprise and community among the many judges who participated. One of the reasons I’m proud to be associated with this competition is the rigour of the judging. Every wine [...]

Reverse Wine Snob®: 12 e mezzo Primitivo del Salento – Rich and Luscious12 e mezzo Primitivo del Salento – Rich and Luscious
The 12 e mezzo Primitivo del Salento, an Italian version of a big, tasty Zinfandel. Primitivo from the province of Taranto, Salento, Puglia, Italy. The wine spends 12 months in American barriques after undergoing malolactic fermentation. This review is brought to you by CorkExclusive where you can buy wines like the 12 e mezzo Primitivo […] The post 12 e mezzo Primitivo del Salento – Rich and Luscious appeared first on Reverse Wine Snob®.

winegoggle: Why Terroir isn’t Everything – It’s the Only Thing
Once one stops asking questions in the world of wine, you might as well admit that your time in this most wonderful of cultural, scientific and agricultural arenas is over. It is the continued search for answers pertaining to a plethora of aspects about wine that makes this such a fascinating environment to work in. […]

jamie goode's wine blog: Chapel Down Kit’s Coty wines, including the £100 Coeur de Cuvée
These are some new releases from Chapel Down, one of the UK’s largest wineries. Chapel Down make very good sparkling and still wines, and they fulfil an important function: they are big enough to supply supermarkets and chains, but they produce quality wines that are well made and accessible. But they are also ambitious, and [...]

Reverse Wine Snob®: A Deep Dive Into Vinho Verde AlvarinhoA Deep Dive Into Vinho Verde Alvarinho
A special look at one of the most important grapes of the Vinho Verde region, Alvarinho. Alvarinho is a special grape within Vinho Verde that is growing in importance with both discerning wine drinkers and the winemakers themselves. The sub-region of Monção e Melgaço is the original home of this grape in Portugal. Wines made […] The post A Deep Dive Into Vinho Verde Alvarinho appeared first on Reverse Wine Snob®.

jamie goode's wine blog: Three interesting whites: Luis Pato, Cape Point and De Wetshof
Grabbed these three interesting whites from the rack for a bit of comparative tasting. The Luis Pato is amazingly fresh at 8 years of age, and will be good for another decade on this showing. The Cape Point is brilliant, and is testament to the skill of winemaker Duncan Savage, who is now concentrating on [...]

jamie goode's wine blog: Champagne Veuve Clicquot Extra Brut Extra Old
This is a new wine from Champagne Veuve Clicquot, called Extra Brut Extra Old. With a dosage of 3 g/l this is the first release of an extra brut from this house (with the exception of some of the very limited Cave Privée releases). It contains six different vintages of reserve wines (1988-2010), aged for [...]

winegoggle: Hell Hath no Fury Like a Beardless Women
A march to the Bot River Wine Valley is set to disrupt roads leading into Hermanus this long week-end as hundreds of women plan to protest against the holding of the Barrels and Beards event. The annual event, presented last week in the Bot River, sees representatives of the local wine industry being encouraged to […]

Grape Wall of China: Liù Jiǔ | CHEERS to Celebrate Sixth Birthday with Free-flow Bubbly
By Jim Boyce | Resilient* wine bar chain CHEERS will celebrate its sixth birthday on May 6 at 1949: The Hidden City in Sanlitun South. ...

Traveling Wine Chick: Lightning WinesLightning Wines
Three years ago, I reviewed the movie American Wine Story, a documentary that follows the story of Oregon’s Brooks family (Brooks Wines) as well as others in the United States who have decided to leave their secure careers to follow their passion for winemaking. Such is the story of former Texas natives and owners, Randy … More Lightning Wines

The Wine Economist: Sketches of Spain: Spanish Wine Industry Challenges and OpportunitiesSketches of Spain: Spanish Wine Industry Challenges and Opportunities
Sketches of Spain is the title of the 1960 Miles Davis/Gil Evans album that deftly walks the line between classical and jazz genres, with Davis’s virtuosity shining throughout. Scroll down to the bottom of this column if you’ve never heard this great recording. Sue and I have recently returned from a visit to Spain, where […]

jamie goode's wine blog: Is wine art?
The response of most people to the question, ‘is wine art?’ will be, ‘who cares?’ But I think it’s an interesting question, and it’s one that floated around in my mental space on a dog walk yesterday. What is art? What is an art object? I recently had a look round a display of contemporary art [...]

jamie goode's wine blog: Video: pruning a grape vine
A quick video of a grape vine being pruned a couple of weeks ago in the Coteaux du Giennois, in the centre Loire. It was late to be pruning: the vines had already started budding. This is single guyot pruning, leaving just one cane that is then tied down to the fruiting wire, which here [...]

Traveling Wine Chick: Translation, Passion, and TransformationTranslation, Passion, and Transformation
This is my entry for Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #32 (#MWWC32), as described at this link. Voting begins Tuesday, April 25, 2017, and ends Monday, May 1, 2017, at the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge website. I never used to be a procrastinator until I started participating in the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. After a lifetime as … More Translation, Passion, and Transformation

jamie goode's wine blog: The new releases from Château d’Esclans, star Provence winery
Tasted through the new releases from Sasha Lichine’s Château d’Esclans in Provence. This winery has been a remarkable success story because of its very smart strategy. High quality wines, with impeccable packaging and good marketing, starting with the multi-million bottle Whispering Angel and then leading up to the super-expensive Garrus. Rosé is the main story [...]

jamie goode's wine blog: Half way in the International Wine Challenge
Week one of this second tranche of the 2017 International Wine Challenge is over. Except for the crew, that is: they have to stay the weekend doing the immense job of reflighting all the thousands of wines that have made the cut into week two. When we get back to the Oval on Tuesday, we’ll be [...]

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