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jamie goode's wine blog: Visiting Wirra Wirra, McLaren Vale
Wirra Wirra is one of those wineries that we sometimes take for granted. They’ve been there for (seemingly) ever, making good wines in reasonable quantities, but don’t often get the headlines. But the great thing about wineries like this is that they connect with lots of people, and you can find the wines pretty much [...]

Reverse Wine Snob®: Boom Boom Syrah – Good GoodBoom Boom Syrah – Good Good
Revisiting an old friend, the Charles Smith Boom Boom Syrah. 96% Syrah, 3% Viognier and 1% Grenache from vineyards in the Columbia Valley, Washington. The grapes are co-fermented and the wine spends time in previously used oak. SRP of $18 and available for as low as $14. Ready to buy? Check your local retailers. 55,000 cases […] The post Boom Boom Syrah – Good Good appeared first on Reverse Wine Snob®.

Natalie MacLean: Video: Clark Smith on Why Some Wines are Like Angelina Jolie
  You won’t want to miss our live video chat with Clark Smith, Winemaker and Author! Join us Sunday, September 24 at 6 pm EST right here (click on this link below): Click on the “Follow” and “Like” buttons on this Facebook page to get notified when we go live. Listen to Clark’s stories about postmodern winemaking. Would you rather have dinner with a wine that’s more like Angelina Jolie or Bertrand Russel? Click on the arrow above to hear Clark’s answer. Watch previous episodes of the Sunday Sipper Club (SSC) and find out who’s coming up next.   […]

jamie goode's wine blog: D’Arenberg, with Chester and his Cube
On Wednesday I visited D’Arenberg, an important producer in Australia’s McLaren Vale region. I remember when I was first getting into wine in the mid-1990s and being seduced by the D’Arenberg reds, with their beautifully detailed back labels and distinctive red sash design. I remember buying and selling the famous Dead Arm Shiraz, which is [...]

Reverse Wine Snob®: Jakkals White Blend – A Six Dollar SuperstarJakkals White Blend – A Six Dollar Superstar
The Jakkals White, a blend of Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay and Viognier from South Africa made by Adi Badenhorst. 60% Chenin Blanc, 20% Chardonnay and 20% Viognier from Swartland, South Africa. The wine has a residual sugar of 3.9 g/L. This review is brought to you by Lidl. The Jakkals White Blend is available exclusively at […] The post Jakkals White Blend – A Six Dollar Superstar appeared first on Reverse Wine Snob®.

jamie goode's wine blog: Koomilya, the ‘new Wendouree’
The Koomilya vineyard in McLaren Vale Komilya is the exciting new vineyard-based project from one of the McLaren Vale’s stars, SC Pannell. I don’t like to hype wines, but this is one of the most exciting discoveries I’ve made in Australia. This is the McLaren Vale’s Wendouree, in terms of style, intention and potential longevity. Stephen Pannell [...]

jamie goode's wine blog: A day in Adelaide: Big Table, Lady Burra, Shobosho, Pink Moon
It’s nice to be back in Adelaide. I spent a few days here last July, and it’s a very liveable place, a little scruffy around the edges, but a great place to eat, drink and wander around. I had a day in the city yesterday. I began by wandering through the Central Market, where there are [...]

Traveling Wine Chick: Hudson-Chatham Winery in Troy, New YorkHudson-Chatham Winery in Troy, New York
A lifetime ago, when I was a community college professor who knew nothing about wine, I was contemplating a move to New York. I interviewed for a job at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, New York. I stayed overnight there and thought it was such a great little city. I jumped at the opportunity … More Hudson-Chatham Winery in Troy, New York

The Wine Economist: Wine Tourism in Mendoza: Rethinking Best-Practices with the UNWTOWine Tourism in Mendoza: Rethinking Best-Practices with the UNWTO
The Wine Economist will take a break for the next two weeks while Sue and I travel to Mendoza, Argentina for the second Global Wine Tourism conference organized by the United Nations World Tourism Organization and hosted by the Argentina Ministry of Tourism. It will be great to return to Mendoza and to have a […]

jamie goode's wine blog: Niagara Riesling: some treats from Cave Spring, Flat Rock and Vineland
On my mini-trip to Niagara last week I got to try a few very nice Rieslings that served to remind me just how well this grape variety does in Niagara. I tasted some Cave Spring Rieslings at dinner with Angelo Pavan (pictured above), then squeezed in a quick tasting of some older Rieslings with Ed [...]

jamie goode's wine blog: What’s the role of emotion in the perception of wine?
One of the aspects I didn’t cover much in my discussions of perception in I Taste Red, is how emotion affects the perception of the world around us. When we are consciously aware of things around us, we create a model of the world that is a seamless, unified representation that includes input from all the [...]

winegoggle: Kanonkop Breathes Fresh Air into Older Wines with Recorking Service
I was wondering when someone in South Africa was going to do the recorking of older vintages, as the case is in Europe, Australia and America. Kanonkop the first, and not the last. Check out their press-release: In a bid to assist loyal customers to enjoy and keep its premier wines for longer, Kanonkop Wine […]

jamie goode's wine blog: Champagne Piper-Heidiseck’s new Cuvée Essentiel Extra Brut, and a review of their Vintage 2008
Last night I drank (with help, of course) two Champagnes. One was the impressive new Cuvée Essentiel, and the other the 2008 vintage, from Piper-Heidsieck. It’s a house I associate with forward, generously toasty wines, so it’s nice to see the Essentiel, which is a bit more serious and well defined. Champagne Piper-Heidiseck Essentiel Cuvée Réserve [...]

jamie goode's wine blog: Gamay 33, Metrat Fleurie La Roilette Cuvée Vieilles Vignes 2015
Metrat is underrated as a Beaujolais producer. I visited him last year, and really loved the wines. This is one of his best, a Fleurie that comes from a special Lieu Dit, La Roilette. The crus of Beaujolais have a fair bit of soil variation, and there are some especially privileged sites, and now growers [...]

Reverse Wine Snob®: DeMorgenzon DMZ Syrah – Smoking!DeMorgenzon DMZ Syrah – Smoking!
The DeMorgenzon DMZ Syrah, simmering with succulent smoked meat! 100% Syrah from Stellenbosch, South Africa. The wine spends 12 months in a combination of French oak barrels, 3000L oak foudres and cement tanks. It has a residual sugar of just 1.5 g/L. SRP of $15 and available for as low as $12. Ready to buy? […] The post DeMorgenzon DMZ Syrah – Smoking! appeared first on Reverse Wine Snob®.

Cellarius BudečskáCellarius Budečská
MALBEC DAY Letos v dubnu oslavíme již po čtvrté mezinárodní den Malbecu. A jak také jinak než-li zajímavou degustací krásných vín této odrůdy. Při této příležitosti si Vám dovolujeme nabídnout možnost získat zdarma vstupenku na mimořádnou akci pouze pro zvané pořádanou pod záštitou argentinského velvyslanectví. Velká degustace Malbeců se uskuteční již 3.4.2014 v gurmánském paláci Julius Meinl. Podmínkou pro získání pozvánky na tuto akci je nákup argentinských vín (nejlépe malbeců) z našeho portfolia v celkové hodnotě 3000 Kč dle podmínek našeho e-shopu. A máme opravdu co nabídnout. Vybírat můžete z široké nabídky těchto argentinských vinařství: Alfredo Roca Las Moras Bodega Weinert Las Perdices Do objednávky prosím napište poznámku "Vstupenka na Malbec Day" a adresu pro její doručení. Případně Vám bude doručena spolu s víny. Zájemci neváhejte, počet vstupenek je omezen...

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