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Reverse Wine Snob®: How Has The Internet Impacted Your Winemaking and Wine Selling Strategy? Ask The Expert!How Has The Internet Impacted Your Winemaking and Wine Selling Strategy? Ask The Expert!
The three tier system and other restrictive regulations have prevented the internet from completely transforming the wine industry like it has so many others. Nevertheless, it has still made quite an impact. In this edition of Ask The Expert we talk about how! Today we’re joined by Chris Saylor, CTO of Vintage Wine Estates, which […] The post How Has The Internet Impacted Your Winemaking and Wine Selling Strategy? Ask The Expert! appeared first on Reverse Wine Snob®.

Jamie Goode's wine blog : A lovely meal at DOP Porto with some nice wines
Had a great meal last night at DOP restaurant in Porto, with some really creative riffing on a Portuguese theme from Rui Paula. We began with a fruity scallop carpaccio, and then progressed to a beautifully cooked corvina (relative of sea bass) fillet with mango and coconut. These exotic flavours worked well, and this was [...]

Reverse Wine Snob®: Mamma Mia Red Blend – Mamma Knows BestMamma Mia Red Blend – Mamma Knows Best
Fresh, easy to drink and uncomplicated. Primarily Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from Italy. The wine was aged for four months in stainless steel tanks. Sample submitted for review. The Mamma Mia Red Blend has an SRP of $12 and can be found for as low as $9. Ready to buy? Check your local retailers. Imported by […] The post Mamma Mia Red Blend – Mamma Knows Best appeared first on Reverse Wine Snob®.

Jamie Goode's wine blog : Making wine at Gabrielskloof: the final instalment
This is the final instalment of my series of reports from 10 days of vintage experience at Gabrielskloof, in Bot River, South Africa. I really enjoyed my time here, came back thinner and stronger, and learned quite a bit from taking a different perspective on winemaking – from behind the scenes. The picture above was [...]

winegoggle: RIP Andrew Marais, Wine Writing Legend
Andrew Marais, who died last Monday aged 80, might have had a stern, sullen presence that could bring a room temperature down by 10 degrees, but he was arguably the best Afrikaans wine writer the industry has known. I encountered him in the 1980’s when I was a cub arts reporter at Die Burger and […]

Jamie Goode's wine blog : How are you?
How are you? This is a question most of us are asked frequently, but it’s a difficult one to answer. Of course, when we’re normally asked this question, there’s an expected answer, and unless we’re speaking to a good friend in the right context, then it would be unusual not to give this expected answer: I’m good [...]

Jamie Goode's wine blog : Video: the Marlborough wine region, the grower’s story
  Marlborough, New Zealand’s largest wine region, relies heavily on growers. Wine arrived here relatively lately (first vineyard plantings of the modern era were 1973, but things didn’t really get going in earnest until the mid-1980s), and much of the development has involved farming families here planting vineyards, in order to sell grapes to wineries. I spent [...]

Natalie MacLean: Video: Where are We Now with Women in Wine?
  You won’t want to miss our live video chat with Cathy Huyghe, a dynamic media professional with a special interest in wine! Join us Sunday, March 4 at 6 pm EST right here (click on this link below): Click on the “Follow” and “Like” buttons on this Facebook page to get notified when we go live. Click on the arrow above to hear Cathy’s stories about wine and gastronomy to digital media and entrepreneurship. Watch previous episodes of the Sunday Sipper Club (SSC) and find out who’s coming up next.   Cathy Huyghe is a dynamic media professional […]

The Wine Economist: David Ricardo to Donald Trump: Global Wine Trade and Its DiscontentsDavid Ricardo to Donald Trump: Global Wine Trade and Its Discontents
When David Ricardo wanted to make the logic of his famous Theory of Comparative Advantage crystal clear he knew what example to choose: wine. It was obvious that Britain should import wine from Portugal in exchange for cloth rather than trying for vinous self-sufficiency. Any fool could see that! Make Great Britain Great? But wine […]

Jamie Goode's wine blog : The wines of Gabrielskloof, Bot River, South Africa
Gabrielskloof, where I’ve spent the last 10 days working vintage, is a winery on the up. Bernhard Heyns, owner, Gabrielskloof It’s owned by Bernhard Heyns. In his previous life, Bernhard’s family owned a brick-manufacturing company, based on a clay quarry that they owned. Then they discovered a coal deposit under the clay. So Bernhard got planning [...]

winegoggle: Stellenbosch is Wine Tourism
It has only been three decades since attending my last university class, but I can’t remember any of my teachers being quite this engaging and enthusiastic about their subject. But then again, Professor Sanette Ferreira from Stellenbosch University’s Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, is at the coal-face of arguably the South African wine industry’s […]

My Vine Spot: Quick Sip: A Delicious Trio of Red, White & Sparkling with Addendum Wines, Bonterra, and Casa ValdugaQuick Sip: A Delicious Trio of Red, White & Sparkling with Addendum Wines, Bonterra, and Casa Valduga
Hello Friends,Just about every day, as wine o'clock approaches, you can find me uncorking or unscrewing a new adventure. Being a wine enthusiast, a wine writer, and someone who appreciates the liquid expression of place, a person’s vision, and Mother Nature’s influence, I find wine to be one of the most intriguing beverages out there. The world of wine offers endless opportunities to learn and taste new things.The wines featured in this post are all worthy of your attention and dinner table, and they are sure to make that special occasion even more memorable. But if you’re like me, don’t wait for a special occasion; make today that special occasion. You can start by popping the cork and enjoying one of these delicious wines any time you like. Good friends and food are optional—but are highly recommended. For further information and where you can find these wines, please see my tasting notes below.Addendum 2014 Skellenger Lane Cabernet SauvignonAddendum 2014 Skellenger Lane Cabernet Sauvignon (SRP $95): Addendum is an exciting new portfolio launched by renowned Santa Barbara producer Fess Parker Winery & Vineyard. The Addendum label focuses on small batches of Cabernet Sauvignon, sourced from some of the top sites in Napa Valley. This full-bodied example hails from the Rutherford appellation. It is deep purple in color, with layers of complexities: cedar box, spice cake, toasted pastry, vanilla bean, and a hint of mint—surround a rich core of ripe dark berry and purple stone fruit flavors. There is good depth and structural intensity, anchored by dusty tannins that gain traction on the long, textured finish. This is a serious wine that is a pleasure to sip. It is also a good cellar candidate to enjoy over the next decade. Approximately 116 cases of this wine were produced. Region: Rutherford, Napa Valley, California. Other info: ABV 14.9%, matured 28 months in 100% French oak barrels [all new], natural cork enclosure. Click here to find this wine.Bonterra 2015 The Roost Blue Heron Vineyard ChardonnayBonterra 2015 The Roost Blue Heron Vineyard Chardonnay (SRP $40): This Chardonnay is made from biodynamic grapes sourced from Bonterra’s Blue Heron vineyard in Mendocino County, California. If you are a member of the Anything But Chardonnay (ABC) club, this wine just may be your ticket out. Notable for its lovely texture, there are flavors of lemon curd, caramel apple, pear tart, and baking spice, framed by notes of toasted oak. In the mouth, it is well-rounded with zesty acidity, providing balance and lift. I enjoyed it on its own and with a delicious bowl of butternut squash soup. Region: Mendocino County, California. Other info: ABV 14.3%, matured in French oak barrels, natural cork enclosure. Click here to find this wine.Casa Valduga NV 130 Brut (SRP $32): Brazil is gaining recognition for its sparkling wines, and examples like this make it is easy to see why. The story of Casa Valduga began in 1875, when the first Italian immigrant from the Valduga family arrived in Brazil and planted a vineyard. Today, the family’s fourth generation runs the estate. This sparkler is made in the traditional method. It is 100% estate-grown, and composed of 70% Chardonnay and 30% Pinot Noir. Pale straw in color, it has a persistent, creamy mousse of bubbles, with notes of dried stone fruit and bruised apple, followed by white flowers and an appealing brioche character. Add a little pop to your next impromptu get-together with this lively Brazilian sparkler! Region: Vale dos Vinhedos, Brazil. Other info: ABV 12%, natural cork enclosure. Click here to find this wine.

Reverse Wine Snob®: David Frost Trader Joe’s Red – A Whole Lot of Sophistication for $7David Frost Trader Joe’s Red – A Whole Lot of Sophistication for $7
Only serious wine drinkers need apply. 40% Shiraz, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Pinotage from Durbanville, Western Cape, South Africa. The wine is aged in French and American oak barrels for 6 months and has 4 g/L of residual sugar. The David Frost Trader Joe’s Red is available exclusively at Trader Joe’s for just $6.99. […] The post David Frost Trader Joe’s Red – A Whole Lot of Sophistication for $7 appeared first on Reverse Wine Snob®.

Natalie MacLean: Best LCBO Wine Reviews: Vintages Ratings March 3
You can access the 91 wines that I reviewed for as a text wine list with my complete tasting notes, scores, food matches. You can also see my wine reviews for February 17. If you are a Paid Member, you can add my wine picks to your custom shopping list with one click and access that list on your smartphone to find the stock for each wine in your closest LCBO store. These are just some of the benefits of supporting out wine community as a Paid Member. Inventory stock numbers are usually posted online a day or two before […]

Jamie Goode's wine blog : Harvest at Gabrielskloof: managing red wine ferments
Foot treading a whole-bunch ferment to release some juice I’ve been enjoying working with some of the red wine fermentations this week. Wines are fermented here in two different formats. First, there are the small poly bins which take about a ton and a half of grapes, and which are suitable for small lots, or [...]

Jamie Goode's wine blog : Harvest at Gabrielskloof: collecting grapes
Driving through the Swartland The producers working in the Gabrielskloof cellar in Botriver – Peter-Allan Finlayson, Marelise Niemann and John Seccombe – all buy grapes from growers spread across the various Cape wine regions. This means that there’s quite a bit of driving around during vintage time. You need to go to the vineyards to [...]

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