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jamie goode's wine blog: In Adelaide: discussing wine science with a taxi driver
So, I rolled into Adelaide airport at 8 pm on Sunday night, after a long flight from London via Dubai. On the plane I alternated between sleeping, working, and listening: of late, I have taken to listening to music on flights. Usually, new planes with decent in flight entertainment have a good selection, and if [...]

jamie goode's wine blog: In Seattle: Le Pichet and Bar Melusine
There are few compelling reasons to be rich. But one of them is so that you have enough budget to eat out all the time. While I was in Seattle for the Riesling Rendezvous conference, I ate at two rather different places. I recommend them both. The first was Le Pichet. It’s a small French cafe [...]

jamie goode's wine blog: The Riesling Rendezvous 2016, Seattle, Washington State
Three days in Seattle. So much Riesling! The fifth annual Riesling Rendezvous was in town, and I attended it for the first time. Riesling is a grape that has had to struggle a bit to gain the recognition it deserves. ‘We are hitting our heads against the brick wall of understanding,’ said Ernie Loosen, as he kicked [...]

winegoggle: Wine Critics Need to Tell it All
Like good wine, old and dusty journalism debates are still relevant and worth pursuing. Recently Christian Eedes uncorked one of these via @twitter, the topic being whether a wine writer and critic has an obligation to point-out sub-standard wines. I found it ironic that Christian proposed pointing out poorer wines as unnecessary, he being one […]

jamie goode's wine blog: The judgement of… How useful are comparative blind tastings?
It’s 40 years since Steven Spurrier’s famous Judgement of Paris (also a story in Greek Mythology). This was the tasting that is credited with opening the way for New World wines to stand as peers alongside the old world classics. Since then, this sort of format has been repeated in countries eager to show that [...]

Grape Wall of China: Wine distribution in China | ASC inks exclusive deal with Delicato
By Jim Boyce | ASC has announced an exclusive distribution deal with California wine operation Delicato for continental China. The deal covers brands like Delicato ...

Grape Wall of China: A Lulu of a case | Canadian icewine maker in hot water in China
By Jim Boyce | Media in China and Canada report that Canadian John Chang, founder of Lulu Island Winery in British Columbia, has been detained ...

Reverse Wine Snob®: Bonny Doon Vineyard A Proper Pink – Properly DeliciousBonny Doon Vineyard A Proper Pink – Properly Delicious
Two tasty grapes make for one delicious rosé, the Bonny Doon Vineyard A Proper Pink. 69% Tannat from the Mt. Oso Vineyard in western Stanislaus County and 31% Cabernet Franc from the Ceago Vineyard in Clear Lake, California. The Bonny Doon Vineyard A Proper Pink has an SRP of $16 and is available for as […] The post Bonny Doon Vineyard A Proper Pink – Properly Delicious appeared first on Reverse Wine Snob®.

jamie goode's wine blog: Underwood: Oregon wine in a can
Underwood wines come in 375 ml cans. It’s striking packaging. I was curious, so I bought a pair to try, for $5.99 each from World Foods in Portland, Oregon. They are made by Union Wine Company. They have the admirable goal of demystifying wine and making affordable, decent wine available so everyone can enjoy it, [...]

Traveling Wine Chick: Pride Mountain VineyardsPride Mountain Vineyards
After traveling in a tour bus along curvy Spring Mountain Road, which changes to Saint Helena Road at the Napa and Sonoma County line and leads to the far-removed estate, I knew I had discovered a remarkable location for grape growing and winemaking. *CLICK HERE TO READ*

Grape Wall of China: Cape Town bound | WoSA Sommelier Cup holds Asia final
By Jim Boyce | Joe Yang of Studio City Macau emerged from ten finalists to take the Asia title in the Wines of South Africa ...

jamie goode's wine blog: Riesling Rendezvous: why analytical data don’t tell us much about the taste of Riesling
I’m at the Riesling Rendezvous conference in Seattle, Washington State. Held every three years, it’s an in-depth dive into this most distinctive of white wine grapes. It began on Sunday evening with a grand tasting outdoors at Chateau Ste Michelle in Woodinville, and yesterday and today we’re in Seattle for tastings and seminars. One topic that [...]

jamie goode's wine blog: Three days in Portland, Oregon
  Powell’s, Portland’s world famous bookshop Portland is one of the USA’s most vibrant cities. It’s known for its food and drink scene, and for being a hub for artistic, creative and alternative types. And I’ve only ever spent a few hours there. So on this trip, I decided to take some time to look around, [...]

The Wine Economist: No Sale: Liv-Ex Report on Low Interest Rates & Bordeaux’s Dismal New NormalNo Sale: Liv-Ex Report on Low Interest Rates & Bordeaux’s Dismal New Normal
I have sometimes made fun of my wine collector and investor friends, saying that they are engaged in what Thorstein Veblen might have called “Conspicuous Non-Consumption.” They buy some fine wines for the purpose of not enjoying them in the glass, or so it seems at times. Owning the wines and visiting these great wines in […]

Grape Wall of China: Basket press? | Yao Family Wines releasing special label for NBA Hall of Fame entry
By Jim Boyce | Former basketball star Yao Ming will release a special wine to mark his upcoming entry to the NBA Hall of Fame. ...

jamie goode's wine blog: In Oregon: Beckham Estate Vineyard
Andrew and Annedria Beckham (pictured above) are making some of Oregon’s most compelling wines, and they have a great story, too. We visited their property in Parrett Mountain (in the Chehalem Mountains AVA) on a gorgeous afternoon. They have 6.5 acres of Pinot Noir, plus an acre of Riesling, which they farm organically. They are planning [...]

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